Stay put but stay in contact

Having the dining area adjacent to your living room seating lets the whole family socialize even when they are doing different things. Linger at the table to enjoy coffee and dessert in (relative) peace as restless little ones adjourn to the sofa to play - all the while under your watchful eye.

Enhancing your comfort and style

You can never get too comfortable. Even though you may have chosen a wonderful sofa, a cushion or throw in just the right place can be the little touch that takes you that final stretch to seating heaven. They're also a great way to add color to a room and help you update its look in no time at all.

Personalizing your sideboard

A long, low unit like this can act as a sleek sideboard. The upper surface is a great place for mood lighting and showing off your beautiful items while open shelves let you personlize your storage with the baskets and boxes of your choice.

Tableware near the table

Make setting the table easier by keeping everything you need for dining in the dining area. A high cabinet is perfect for plates and glasses and a few baskets will even give your cutlery a home.